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Startups and skill sharpening

April 15, 2013

I spent this past weekend at an event called Startup Weekend. A friend of mine who runs the company KidReports told me about the event and convinced me to sign up. I wasn’t sure what to expect before I arrived, but the event turned out to be very enjoyable and I think I learned quite a lot. I’d consider participating in the next event in Colorado Springs or perhaps in Denver. If you haven’t heard of Startup Weekend, I encourage you to check out their main web site.

I won’t comment too much about the startup concept and team that I worked on for the moment in case it becomes The Next Big Thing, but I did get a chance to test out my Javascript and JQuery skills in helping to construct a somewhat working prototype for our app. Let me just say that my Javascript skills could use some sharpening. JQuery does make things pretty nice and easy, and I also utilized some JQueryUI widgets. I think I will spend some time reading my O’Reilly reference books on HTML, CSS, and Javascript so that I can become more self-sufficient in web front-end programming.

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